Baby Rainbow consists of two play rooms, a sleep room, art/dining room, bathroom, two change rooms, office, kitchen and an outdoor play area with safety matting and a variety of play equipment.

Learning & Development

Treasure Baskets and Heuristic Play experiences are provided in both play rooms to support the children’s natural curiosity to learn.

Baby Room

The nursery has a very cosy and colourful baby room with an adjoining change room. Activities in the baby room include activity centres, stories, music activities, sensory play, crafts, baking, outdoor play and outings. These activities encourage natural all-round development.

Toddler Room

This room is warm and cheerful and as the children become more independent they will progress to this room. 
In this room we have a house corner with dress ups, puzzles, construction play, music activities, story corner and small world area.

Art Room

Our Art Room joins onto the Toddler Room where each day the children participate in creative fun activities such as painting, baking, gluing and sensory play.

Why Choose Us

      • The nursery team works closely with parents and children to provide care to a high standard by ensuring the children have a Personal Learning Plan, which is individual to their own development needs and interests.
      • We are working towards becoming an Eco Nursery and the children are involved in learning about how to look after the environment.
      • The nursery provides nutritious meals which are prepared daily.  Meals are eaten together helping to encourage social skills.
      • We are happy to cater for special dietary requirements.

Meal Times

We are happy to cater for special dietary requirements, we update the menu regulary. We aim to keep the website updated with the latest menus.

Baby Rainbow - Edinburgh

Nutritious meals which are prepared daily!

Our Nurseries Are Child Centered

Staff meet regularly to discuss plans based on our observations. The focus is on each child as an individual.

The planning schedule

Play is recognised as a vital vehicle for learning and the activities are planned to cater for the children’s all round development needs and they support specific interests. 


Play Experiences

Our aim is to create a child friendly environment.

Experimenting with sensory play

Your child will be busy building, dressing up, enjoying books & stories, painting & creating master pieces, baking, experimenting with sensory play.


What's Sensory Play

Sensory Play and Early Child Development, we have many sensory crafts for children.

Sensory Play

This is where your child can be included in any activity that stimulates their senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing.

What Our Parents & Guardians Say

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